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General Dentistry in Austin, Texas

Dr. Glen Wainwright is a general dentist in Lost Creek and Austin, TX. Dr. Wainwright and his team give patients highly personalized dental care and peace of mind by knowing that we carefully monitor their oral health. Your dental care team at Austin Dental Care is happiest when getting to know patients as individuals, and building the important patient-dentist relationship.

We recommend that patients visit our dental office for professional dental treatment and routine exams every 6 months. This ensures that Dr. Wainwright can solve all of your dental issues with effective treatment planning and up-to-date oral health history. Dental cleanings and thorough exams can catch dental problems before they become bigger ones. Routine dental exams help Dr. Wainwright identify tooth decay, gum disease, and other dental problems. They can also help detect oral cancer in its early stages.

Dr. Wainwright and our dental care staff dedicate each day to providing high-quality care in a warm and friendly Austin dental office. Continue reading to learn about the general dental treatments that we offer the Lost Creek community.

General Dentist in Lost Creek, Texas

General Dental Services in Austin, TX

Emergency Dentistry

Dental emergencies can happen anytime and to anyone. Address your dental emergency quickly, whether you were in an accident, recovering from oral surgery, or still in pain after a root canal. In the event of a dental emergency, call Austin Dental Care at 512-518-6392.

If your emergency is happening during business hours, call our office to discuss your concerns and schedule an appointment. We will return your message as soon as possible and attempt to schedule your appointment for the next day. If your emergency is after hours you can still call our office number. We will work with you or help you contact another available dentist in Austin for treatment. To learn more about how we can help you after a dental emergency, see Emergency Dentistry.

Family Dentistry

Dr. Wainwright and the team at Austin Dental Care are passionate about providing high-quality family dental care for patients of all ages. Before your child’s first visit, you can review what the visit will be like with them and read books about the dentist. Preparing your child for the dentist can make visits more enjoyable for them and can encourage healthy dental habits. It can also prevent dental anxiety from developing at an early age. To learn more about your preventative dental care options, see Family Dentistry.


If you or your child play contact sports, you need to wear a sports mouthguard. Sports mouth guards protect teeth from injury and can help prevent restorative dental work in the future. Wearing a mouthguard during sports offers many benefits. Mouthguards prevent tooth loss, fit securely, reduce the chance of concussion, protect dental work from damage, and provide a stable result.

“Boil and bite” mouthguards found in stores don’t offer a custom professional fit. Over-the-counter mouthguards may fall out or make it difficult to speak. Professional custom-fit mouth guards should fit securely and not restrict speech. To learn more about how we can help you protect your teeth on the field, see Custom Mouthguards.

Sedation Dentistry

Is dental fear or anxiety keeping you away from the dentist? Dental sedation is a simple way to have a pain-free and stress-free visit to the dentist. We can address minor to complex dental concerns using sedation options. Best of all, almost any patient can benefit from using dental sedation for a painless dental visit. To learn about what our sedation options can do for you, see Sedation Dentistry.

Tooth Extraction

If you have severely decayed teeth, your dentist may need to remove them. A dentist can attempt to save a tooth by removing infection and cleaning out the root canals. However, extraction is necessary if your decayed tooth is beyond saving. A tooth extraction is not only an option for decayed teeth but can also treat damaged teeth, crowded teeth, and misaligned teeth. To learn about how Dr. Wainwright can relieve you of tooth pain, see Tooth Extractions.

Dental Fillings

A dentist can place fillings on teeth that have cavities (holes) or other types of damage. Your dentist may also use fillings to cover up dark spots on teeth due to tooth decay, stains from coffee or medications, or cracks in the tooth surface. Some dentists provide fillings during a general check-up, while others may provide treatment as an emergency procedure. To find out if you need a filling, you can ask Dr. Wainwright at your next dental exam.

Request a Dental Exam with our Dentist in Austin, TX

Dr. Wainwright offers general dental treatments in Austin, TX to patients of all ages. Call our Austin dental office at 512-518-6392 for a dental exam near you. You may also request an appointment on our website for comfortable and comprehensive family dental care. Our general dentistry serves patients in West Austin, Lost Creek, West Lake Hills, Barton Creek, and all of Travis County, Texas.