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Gum Health: What To Know

Most of us focus on the health and appearance of our teeth, which have the most impact on how we look when we smile. However, the stability of our natural teeth is highly dependent upon the health of our gums. Healthy gums will support healthy and stable teeth!

Dr. Wainwright and our dental care team are your local dental health resource in the Austin area for maintaining complete oral health and wellness. A Dawson-trained dentist, Dr.Wainwright takes ALL aspects of your smile into consideration when performing a dental exam. He looks for the early signs of gum disease, such as gums appearing red or swollen. Gums that bleed during routine dental cleaning can also indicate developing infection. When caught early, gum disease is typically treatable with conservative measures. More advanced gum disease or periodontitis can ultimately affect the health of your teeth and is a leading cause of tooth loss. Avoiding the dentist, poor oral hygiene, and lifestyle habits can contribute to gum disease.

treating gum disease in austin tx

Gum Health & Physical Health

It is now understood that there is a strong mouth-body connection meaning that your dental health has an effect on your overall health and well-being. The condition of your gum health is vitally important due to the structure and role of the gums in protecting us from bacteria that are often present in the mouth. When the integrity of the gums is broken down by infection, pockets can form around tooth roots that will enable bacteria to eventually enter the bloodstream. This can set off an inflammatory response in the body and also increase the risk for certain health problems.

Poor oral health and deteriorating gums impact our immune system and can make us more vulnerable to illness and disease. If your gum disease is being caused or exacerbated by an existing medical condition this can be even more detrimental. Our goal is to provide personalized dental care that can help you avoid gum disease or to maintain healthy gums if you have elevated risk factors.

The Benefits of Treating Gum Disease

Seeking treatment for gum disease is important for many reasons, from the stability of your dental health to the appearance of your smile. Advanced gum disease can allow the teeth to shift, increase the risk for decay and lead to recession. We offer comprehensive periodontal therapy and can work with local specialists as needed to restore gum health if there is extensive tissue damage.

If you are looking for a new dentist in Austin we welcome you to schedule a visit with us. Restoring the health of your gums will support an overall healthy lifestyle!