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The Many Uses for Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are one of the most versatile tools a dentist has in their arsenal. They can be used for both cosmetic and restorative treatments. Dr. Glen Wainwright of Austin Dental Care discusses how Austin, TX dental crowns are used in our office.The Many Uses for Dental Crowns in Austin, Texas

Strengthening Your Natural Teeth

One of the most common uses of dental crowns is to stabilize a tooth after you get a root canal. Root canals remove the dental pulp in the center of your tooth because it’s become infected. While they fill in the now-hollow part of the tooth with a biocompatible material, the tooth may still be weakened. A dental crown both gives you full functionality in your tooth and seals it off from further infection.

The biggest downside to dental bridges is the stress they put on the anchor teeth. Anchor teeth experience wear and tear faster than normal teeth and are more susceptible to tooth decay. Since a dental crown goes over the entire tooth, it can help protect your natural tooth. The crown can take on the full stress of supporting the dental bridge.

Covering a Misshapen or Discolored Tooth

A misshapen tooth can make you insecure about your smile. Depending on where it is in your mouth and what the defect is, you may also struggle with biting and chewing. A dental crown is custom-made to match the rest of your normal teeth. It goes over the entire tooth, restoring full functionality and blending into your smile seamlessly.

While professional teeth whitening usually works for a whiter smile, some discoloration doesn’t respond to traditional whitening methods. Genetics and medication can cause staining that can’t be cured with bleaching agents. When dental crowns are made, they’re color-matched to the rest of your teeth or to whatever shade you wish the tooth to be.

Taking Care of Teeth That are Broken or Cracked

Chips or cracks in your teeth can be anything from cosmetic to a dental emergency. For more severe breaks or cracks, dental crowns can help. A large portion of the tooth broken off can be painful, exposing the sensitive nerves inside. A dental crown fills out the part of the tooth that’s been broken off and protects the nerves again.

When you have a cracked tooth, the dental pulp inside is exposed. It leaves the pulp open to bacteria and infection, which can lead to a need for a root canal. A dental crown can go over the tooth and make sure the pieces are held together. It also makes sure that bacteria can’t get into the sensitive areas inside your tooth.

The Final Restoration for Dental Implants

Dental implants are the most natural feeling and looking option for tooth replacement. It’s the only restoration that replaces the tooth root as well as the crown portion of the tooth. A dental crown is a usual choice for the final restoration for a dental implant. It looks the most natural and blends in perfectly with your smile. Learn more about dental implants.

Getting Dental Crowns in Austin, Texas

Can dental crowns be used to take care of your dental problems? Call us or schedule an appointment online. To learn more about cosmetic dentistry services, see Cosmetic Dentistry.