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The Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry is used for a variety of different reasons. It’s designed to relax patients and make sure they can stay calm throughout their dental procedures. What types of sedation dentistry does Austin Dental Care offer and how can they benefit you? Dr. Glen Wainwright, a dentist in Austin, TX, explains.austin, texas dentist

Types of Dental Sedation

At Austin Dental Care, we offer three different types of dental sedation. The first is nitrous oxide, also commonly known as laughing gas. We will place a nasal mask over your face to administer the nitrous oxide. It will continuously flow throughout your procedure. Nitrous oxide keeps you calm yet alert throughout your procedure. It wears off almost immediately after you stop breathing it, making you able to drive to and from your procedure.

The next step up is oral sedation. This is in the form of a prescribed pill that you take before coming in for your procedure. Sometimes oral sedation and nitrous oxide are used in conjunction with each other. Oral sedation may make you fall asleep during the procedure and there may be parts you don’t remember. It can also take a long time to wear off so you’ll need a ride to and from the office.

Lastly, we offer full general anesthesia. This will put you completely to sleep throughout the entire procedure. It’s usually used for procedures like oral surgery and wisdom teeth removal. If you’re getting this level of sedation, you’ll definitely need someone to drive you to and from the procedure.

The Benefits of Dental Sedation

Sedation dentistry can be used for a variety of problems and patients. Most commonly, it’s used for people that have dental anxiety, also known as a fear of the dentist. These patients may be so afraid of the dentist that they avoid their regular dental appointments. With sedation dentistry, we can perform any procedure they need and they can remain calm throughout it. This is especially true if they have advanced problems due to avoiding care.

Sedation is also helpful to complete more extensive procedures. Multiple treatments may be able to be performed in one session with sedation dentistry. This is also convenient for patients that suffer from dental fear. More procedures can be done during one appointment so that they can avoid coming into the office as much.

Other patients can benefit from sedation as well. For instance, children that need more extensive procedures and have trouble sitting still. There may also be patients that suffer from certain medical conditions that make them incapable of sitting still for long periods of time. Sedation dentistry allows them to get the care that they need.

Sedation Dentistry at Your Austin, Texas Dentist

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